tn_480_815f1c9072b090f6468fda25a6332317.jpgThe Clover Patch Convert-A-Top enables you to travel in open air comfort. With the top up, and windows out, it stops the annoying flapping noise coming from your sail panels. The Convert-A-Top folds up your sail panels and safely stores them. Two straps put tension on the rear bow so your top is tight and flap free. Fits 1992-2007 Wranglers. Does not fit TJ Unlimited or JK 4 door. Your Jeep’s noise level is greatly reduced at highway speeds, with the side and rear windows out, making conversation and listening to the radio possible. No more stopping in order to attach a sail panel that has become detached. With the sail panels up and out of the way visibility is greater and the sail panel is protected during off-roading.

  • No need to carry other tops
  • Gives your soft top greater versatility
  • Converts soft top to safari type top
  • Protects sail panels while off-road
  • Holds worn tops tighter with straps provided
  • During rain, protects more of the inside than bikinis and safari type tops
  • During cool mornings a little heat keeps you warm
  • The Convert-A-Top kit contains two pockets to hold the sail panels in position, panel straps to hold the sail panels to your roll bar and two long straps that go from the tub to the rear (3rd) bow
 tn_480_b79ba04eac6133b9c53fa265c5aaea13.jpg          tn_480_c984f525195eb3dd5aa02445cdb7cd79.jpg

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