4 Door Jeep 2007 – Present


tn_480_210cb104b25017926780672f30e4ba5b.jpgThe Window Roll is a great way to carry your soft top windows with you at all times without taking up passenger space or having to worry about them being damaged or scratched. Because The Window Roll allows you to easily store your windows in your Jeep, you will never be caught in bad weather without them again.The inside of The Window Roll covers your zip-out windows between layers of soft felt and then tucks them into a durable nylon bag, coated to prevent dust/dirt intrusion. It can also be easily washed, and dries quickly. The nylon bag can then be attached with its adjustable straps to your sport bar, or it can be stored in your garage, or anywhere you want! This product can be strapped to your jeep with the top up or down.The 4 Door JK Window Roll, P/N 10-ST-9704, is designed especially for the four-door JK. The photos below show the Window Roll on a four door JK. The windows are rolled up like the two door.  See the 10-ST-9702 section.  Also functions with the NX 4 door top windows.Fully detailed instructions are provided with each Window Roll.

The Window Roll is designed to keep your vinyl windows safely on-board and readily accessible.Clover Patch takes great pride in the Window Roll. This includes the manufacturing process and customer service. This product carries a 1 year limited warranty on parts and workmanship.

More Testimonials

A Customer was asked about Camp Jeep:
“Wow, it was great. This was the third Camp Jeep we attended. 95′ Camp Hale Colo., 00′ Oak Ridge Estate and of course this year same place. Your product worked flawlessly, and came in as handy as I thought it would.”

“I just traded for a new Rubicon TR2! It is awesome and this time I wanted to protect my windows when I take them out.” – Heidi

“Weather has been great, just got the jeep and didn’t like Mopar’s window bag (Sorry Jeep). Sounds like the roll bag is what I need. Thanks.” – David

“Hello; got my window bag yesterday. THANK YOU!!! We stopped on the way to visit Brasstown Bald, GA, and as it was the first good leaf viewing weekend, the roads were jammed. But having the window bag helped in taking down the top and putting it up again. First time on new Jeep and we got it done so fast. Unbelievable! Thanks” – Andy

“I ordered one of your Window Rolls for my jeep and my son liked it so much he purchased one for his jeep. What a great product!” – Dave

“We just now got the window roll… AWESOME invention. My compliments to you on a great product.” – Larry

“I received my window storage bag today! Great product, looks and feels so well made.” – Milt

“Looks like a good way to store windows. We off-road in Colorado and need the windows with us for the rain showers. I had considered the Mopar bag but saw yours on someones Jeep and liked having a place to store the bag.”


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