2 Door Jeep 2007 – Present


tn_480_985e4bc841a16b57b58693766e174ebcThe Window Roll is a great way to carry your soft top windows with you at all times without taking up passenger space or having to worry about them being damaged or scratched. Because The Window Roll allows you to easily store your windows in your Jeep, you will never be caught in bad weather without them again.

The inside of The Window Roll covers your zip-out windows between layers of soft felt and then tucks them into a durable nylon bag, coated to prevent dust/dirt intrusion. It can also be easily washed, and dries quickly. The nylon bag can then be attached with its adjustable straps to your sport bar, or it can be stored in your garage, or anywhere you want! This product can be strapped to your jeep with the top up or down.

The 2 Door JK Window Roll, P/N 10-ST-9702, is designed especially for the two door JK with its wide windows. The photos below show the way the windows are installed.  Also works with 2 door NX Top windows.

First the side (Quarter) windows go in. Then the rear window is inserted. Lay the half sheet of felt over the rear window.

Roll it up and put the straps on. Insert the felt into the nylon bag and simply place the bag on top of the soft top and strap it to the roll bars.

Fully detailed instructions are provided with each Window Roll.

The Window Roll is designed to keep your vinyl windows safely on-board and readily accessible.

Clover Patch takes great pride in the Window Roll. This includes the manufacturing process and customer service. This product carries a 1 year limited warranty on parts and workmanship.

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